What You Should Know About Urethane Footwear


All parents in Termite Footwear have had the experience of trying to get their children through Term Footwear shopping and are familiar with how laborious and hard School Shoes shopping can sometimes be so intend to make it easy on you! If it is school shoes you are after here, regardless of whether it is wellies or school boots, you will find what you are seeking here. We have an extensive range of brand-name school shoes here that will suit your child. School Shoes

You will find a wide choice of sizes here and you will also find them available with either pink or blue toe. No matter what your taste is, our range of footwear will have something to suit you. For something different try one of our fantastic sandals, if you want a pair that is comfortable and made from quality materials, then we have sandals for you.Term Footwear

Our footwear come in a variety of styles including Uppers, Moccasins, Wedges, Slippered Moccasins and now, our newest range, the Hybrid. These boots are specially designed to help protect your baby in style as well as offer a great look. They come with an outer sole, inner sole and a Vibram rubber outsole. The hybrid boots are available in both single and double ankle width and they are suitable for all children from three months old up to twelve months old.

The Uppers of the footwear are made from high quality material and are stretchy and soft. Our Uppers are designed to fit closely around your child's foot, but allow for some movement which is good for your baby's comfort. The Upper includes an extra grip strip at the front of the shoe, this helps secure the sole and stop it slipping around. There is a wide range of colours available from basic to fashionista, and the soles are made from Vibram rubber for maximum grip.

The inner sole of the footwear is padded and lined with leather. The composition leather used in the shoe gives superb support to the baby, preventing him/her from slipping and making sure that he/she stands securely on the ground. The inner sole of Term Footwear is made with the latest technology and is also stain resistant. The sole is also flexible, which allows for greater movement. The Uppers and Leather combination work together to provide optimum comfort and support, without restricting your baby's foot movements.

The Uppers of the Term Footwear are made from high quality material and are stretchy and soft. The upper of the footwear has a textured surface and an additional grip strip at the front. This helps secure the sole and prevent it from slipping around. There are three inch heel caps included with each pair of Term footwear. This gives extra comfort to your baby and prevents the heels from sinking in water. The heel caps are Colour coded so you can identify your baby's shoes easily.

Term Footwear uses bonded, triple stitching and molded construction footwear. Triple stitching is a great feature for babies as it provides added strength to the upper portion. The upper part of the footwear features arch-shaped upper portion that is fitted with a cushion. The textured upper surface and the slip-resistant sole provide extra grip on wet surfaces. The heel counter is also featured in this type of footwear. This adds further support to the heel and prevents it from sinking in water.

The Term Footwear uses Urethane upper material that is extremely hard wearing and durable. The upper material contains a special liquid curing technique, which forms a strong seal with the wearer's feet. Urethane is cured through a special injection process, which forms a protective layer over the urethane foam.

A Urethane based sole offers exceptional resistance to abrasion and high intensity footwear. Term footwear has pre-attached urethane shoe soles, which are not replaceable. These shoes are highly popular among the masses and can be found in a wide range of sizes and colors.


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